during peacetime 意味

  • 平素{へいそ}の、平時{へいじ}の
  • in peacetime:    平時は、平時{へいじ}に
  • peacetime:    peacetime n. 平時.【前置詞+】As a member of the Coast Guard he worked for the Transportation Department during peacetime.沿岸警備隊の一員として, 平時は輸送部門で働いたWork finally became available in peacetime.戦争が終わりようやく仕事が見つかる
  • peacetime budget:    平時予算、平時予算


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  1. the position was appointed only during wartime and did not exist during peacetime .
  2. during peacetime , hokoshu commuted , for example , to bannai (the squad room ) placed within the palace , and functioned as military power in emergencioes .
  3. this originated from the structure of the village in the medieval times , and jizamurai (provincial samurai in the middle ages , who engaged in agriculture during peacetime ) and otonabyakusho used myoji .
  4. afterwards , with the progressive opportunity during the sengoku period (period of warring states ) it had already become a semi informal dress even during peacetime from 1528 and 1554 .
    その後、戦国時代 (日本)の進取の機運にのって、享禄年間から天文 (元号)年間頃にはすでに平時の略礼服としても用いられるようになった。
  5. after mishima geki nyudo followed muromachi period kanrei (shogun ' s deputy ) yoriyuki hosokawa into death , the custom of committing seppuku during peacetime following the death of one ' s master due to natural causes began .


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