e-mail 意味

  • e-mail
  • by e-mail:    電子{でんし}メールで
  • e-mail at:    ~あてに電子{でんし}メールを送る◆at の後にメールアドレスがくる
  • check voice-mail or e-mail:    ボイスメールや電子{でんし}メールをチェックする


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  1. on the other hand , materials such as e-mail and video letters to individuals are , as historical sources for studying history , included in komonjo .
  2. although the nengajo should basically be written on a postcard , photographic material can be sent by e-mail or one can send the url of a specific web page .
  3. on the other hand , there is an aspect of placing a huge burden on the internet because many people send and receive large amounts of e-mail the moment the date changes to january 1 .
  4. daily airborne pollen forecasts by area are now available in newspapers , on television (weather forecasts ), via the internet (including mobile telephones and e-mail ) and by telephone .
  5. with regard to computers , however , a musical note (disambiguation ), which is included in jis x 0208 , the standard character encoding scheme , is often used as a mark of song in world wide web and e-mail because ioriten is not included in jis x 0208 .
    ただし、コンピューター上では、庵点が文字コード規格のJIS X 0208に含まれなかったことから、World Wide Webや電子メールなどにおいて、JIS X 0208に含まれている「音符 (曖昧さ回避)」が歌記号として用いられることが多い。


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