earth and sand 意味

  • earth and sand
  • (long-handled) bamboo winnow used to sift earth or sand:    (long-handled) bamboo winnow used to sift earth or sand鋤簾じょれん
  • sand:    1sand n. 砂; 砂原, 砂浜; 洲(す); 寿命; 《米口語》 勇気.【動詞+】brush sand off one's clothes衣服についた砂を(ブラシで)払いのけるI got some sand in my eye.目に砂が入ったkick sand in sb's face砂をけって人の顔にかけるpile up sand砂を積みあげるplow the sands(砂を耕すよう
  • (in the) earth:    (in the) earth土中どちゅう


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  1. van gogh used earth and sand pigments .
  2. the earth and sand from the landslides were carried by watarase-gawa river and accumulated in the lower river .
  3. however , it did not stop earth and sand flowing down from the mountain of ashio to accumulate downstream .
  4. on the seki-kata section , a down train ran over some earth and sand caused by a landslide and passenger cars fell into a river .
    関 - 加太間で下り列車が崩壊した土砂に乗り上げ、客車が川に転落。
  5. as for measuring the volume of earth and sand , a unit ryutsubo (or tsubo in abbreviation ) is used; 1 ryutsubo is equal to 6 cubic shaku .


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