easily bent 意味

  • 《be ~》曲げやすい
  • be bent:    be bent勾こう
  • bent:    1bent n. 好み, 性癖.【動詞+】ascertain the vocational bent of a child子供の職業適性を調べるfollow one's own bent気の向くままにするgive one's humor its true bent自分に正直にふるまう, 気の向くままにやるHe has a natural bent for academic study.生まれつ
  • bent for:    {名} : ~を好む傾向{けいこう}


  1. because the stalks of yamada-nishiki are long , they are easily bent down when the strong wind blows .
  1. the blade of a japanese sword is made thin to keep sharpness of blade and to make it lighter , so it can be easily bent or broken depending upon the direction of force .


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