economic might 意味

  • 経済力{けいざいりょく}
  • military and economic might:    軍事{ぐんじ}および経済力{けいざいりょく}
  • by might:    腕ずくで
  • might:    might n. 《文語》 力, 勢力, 威勢, 腕力.【動詞+】In spite of mustering all that might, he was unable to crush the enemy.全力をふるっても敵を潰滅させることはできなかった.【形容詞 名詞+】armed might武力.【前置詞+】beyond one's might自分の力の及ばないthe supremacy


  1. and through his position as second-in-command (daini ) of dazaifu (an important outpost in kyushu ), kiyomori also became a major participant in the japanese trade with song china , and thus increased the economic might of the taira as well .
  1. in this way enryaku-ji temple had the military strength to match its influence , and also economic might that came from controlling the flow of goods , and was in a position to ignore the powerful figures of the time almost like an independent country .


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