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  1. On the other hand ... the drug may be worsening the edema .
    一方― 浮腫を悪化させる 可能性はある
  2. Things are made worse with the complications from pulmonary edema .
    悪いことに 肺水腫を 合併してます。
  3. Severe epiretinal membrane complicated by macular edema in your left vitreous cavity ?
    左目の網膜が 酷く傷ついているようだが?
  4. And pulmonary edema , which is your lungs filling with fluid . till you fatally drown .
    肺水腫になり 呼吸ができなくなることも
  5. You all know about cerebral edema , the swelling of your brain to the point of lost of motor function and eventually death .
    脳浮腫にかかると 運動機能が低下し 死に至る
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