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  1. educational affairs center , student support service center , international center , department of facilities at kyotanabe campus
  2. hiroji kinoshita assumed the first president , who was the chief of the special office of educational affairs in the ministry of education .
  3. shijo-kan (student support office (student division , careers office ), educational affairs office , counseling room for educational profession and social welfare )
  4. he went to europe as official trips , and successively appointed to the posts such as a second rank professor in the navy , the section chief of navigation in the naval academy , serving as a fifth rank official , the vice president of naval educational affairs and the first rank instructor .
    欧州出張、海軍二等教官、海軍兵学校 (日本)航海課長、五等出仕、海兵教務副総理、一等教官などを歴任。
  5. monbukyo , the minister of education , or the minister of education , culture , sports , science and technology is the head of the ministry of education (from september 2 , 1871 to january 5 , 2001 ), or the ministry of education , culture , sports , science and technology (since january 6 , 2001 ), which is an administrative agency in charge of educational affairs in japan .


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