eighth day 意味

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  • {著作} : 《The ~》第八の日◆米1967《著》ソーントン?ワイルダー(Thornton Wilder)
  • the eighth (day of the month):    the eighth (day of the month)八日ようか
  • eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring:    eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring八十八夜はちじゅうはちや
  • eighth:    {名-1} : 8分の1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 第8(番目{ばんめ})、8番目{ばんめ}の物[人]Today is the eighth of April. 今日は4月8日だ。 ---------------------------------


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  1. it depends on the year , but it is generally from the fifth to the eighth day on the month .
  2. on the eighth day
  3. on the eighth day , artemisia whispered the seed of madness ... that would consume him .
    八日目に... アルテミジアは 彼に狂気の種を播いた
  4. then , on the eighth day of the ninth month of 764 , he was named noto no kami (the governor of noto province ).
  5. on february 24 , the eighth day of the second race meeting , the steeplechase was cancelled due to fallen snow .


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