elemental addition 意味

  • 元素添加{げんそ てんか}
  • elemental:    {名} : 四大基本元素{よんだい きほん げんそ}(地?水?火?風)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-1} : 基本的{きほんてき}なScientists strive to understand the elemental nature of the univ
  • addition:    addition n. 付加, 追加; 足し算; 建て増し.【動詞+】This brought an addition of $1.3 billion to the budget estimate.このために予算見積もりに 13 億ドル加算されることになったbuild an addition建て増しするDo you intend to build an addition onto your h
  • addition to:    ~の増築(部分)


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