emergency crop 意味

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  • 救荒作物{きゅうこう さくもつ}
  • crop:    1crop n. 作物; 収穫(高); 群れ; (頭髪の)刈りこみ.【動詞+】bear two crops every year年 2 度の収穫があるThe publicity for his book brought a crop of orders.彼の本が知れ渡り注文が殺到したbring in the crops作物を取り入れるcultivate a crop作物 《特に穀物》 を作るT
  • crop of:    《a ~》~の群、~の集団{しゅうだん}、続出{ぞくしゅつ}する~
  • emergency:    emergency n. 非常時, 緊急, 有事.【動詞+】It is important to try and anticipate emergencies.あらかじめ非常時に備えて手を打つことが肝要であるThe failure of the safety device to operate caused the emergency.安全装置が働かなかったためにその緊急事態が生じたのだPoo


  1. anyway , because konyo ' s trial pieces were the real trial prototype that the shogunate (magistrate of the town ) had done , ' idea of sweet potatoes ' was published , the spread of cultivation was intended , the shogunate came to regard the sweet potato as an emergency crop after this experimental trial , and this experimental trial led to an epoch-making event for the spread of the sweet potato to kanto , thus konyo ' s status was firmed .
  2. the 8th general of the edo bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ) yoshimune tokugawa had already ordered konyo to cultivate the known sweet potato as an emergency crop at the famine in west japan , and make trial pieces in the koishikawa medicine garden (koishikawa botanical gardens ), makuwari-mura village in chiba district of shimousa province (present makuhari , hanamigawa-ku ward , chiba city , chiba prefecture ), and fudodo village in yamabe county of kazusa province (present kujukuri-cho , sanbu-gun , chiba prefecture ).


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