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  • 救急科{きゅうきゅうか}、救急診療部{きゅうきゅう しんりょう ぶ}◆【略】ED
  • department of emergency services state washington:    {組織} : 緊急対策業務部◆【略】DES
  • department:    department n. 部門; (米英の行政組織の)省; (英国の行政組織の)局, 部; (大学などの)学科.【動詞+】It affects all departments of life.それは人生のあらゆる方面に影響を及ぼすchange departments学科を変えるclose (down) a departmentある部門を閉鎖するContact the relevant dep
  • in that department:    その点では


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  1. looks like emergency department is troublesome
    ≪やっぱ救命救急って 大変なのかな
  1. i walked through the emergency department on my way home .
  1. when mrs . drucker was brought to the emergency department
    病院の救急外来に ドラッカーさんは
  1. two years later i was an attending in the emergency department
    2年後のこと 私はトロントの北に接する
  1. and the paramedics brought her back to the emergency department


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