enemy encampment 意味

  • 敵陣{てきじん}
  • encampment:    encampment n. 野営, 野営地, 陣地.【動詞+】locate a guerrilla encampmentゲリラの野営地を突き止めるset up an encampment野営地を築く.【形容詞 名詞+】an armed encampment武装した野営地an enemy encampment敵陣.
  • (military) encampment:    (military) encampment陣地じんち
  • set up an encampment:    野営地を築く


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  1. katsutomi abe also attacked the enemy encampment , and died in the battle .
  2. at the battle of katsura-gawa river in the capital , he was the first to cross the swollen katsura-gawa river alone on horseback and charged the enemy encampment .
  3. in the battle of sekigahara in 1600 , he sided with the west squad and was the first to charge the enemy encampment as the spearhead in the battle in fushimi-jo castle , and he killed mototada torii who was shutting himself in the castle .
  4. however when the siege was broken by the army of minamoto no noriyori , kiyosada charged to the enemy encampment with three horsemen , who were kiyosada , his male cousin taira no tsunetoshi , and his brother-in-law taira no kiyofusa , and was killed in battle .
  5. when the castle was about to fall , yoshizane joked with his dog yatsufusa that he would give the dog his daughter , princess fuse , if it killed kagetsura , and yatsufusa , barking once , jumped into the enemy encampment and came back with kagetsura ' s head .


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