engineering official 意味

  • 技官◆国土交通省などの
  • official:    official n. 官吏, 公吏; 役員, 事務員.【動詞+】appoint an official役人を任命するShe is an appointed official, not an elected one.任命された役員であって選出された役員ではないdismiss an official役人を免職にするelect an official役員を選出するThe official was
  • engineering:    engineering n. 工学.【動詞+】read engineering at Cambridge《英》 ケンブリッジ大学で工学を専攻しているstudy engineering工学を研究する.【形容詞 名詞+】aeronautical engineering航空工学aerospace engineering航空宇宙工学agricultural engineering農業土木anti-di
  • a subordinate (official):    a subordinate (official)属吏ぞくり属僚ぞくりょう


  1. after meeting j . lebret , a hydraulic engineer and an engineering official with the netherlands ministry of the interior , he decided to become a civil engineer .


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