entire universe 意味

  • 全宇宙{ぜん うちゅう}
  • in the universe:    in the úniverse [最上級を強めて] 最も,はるかに,ずっと.
  • of the universe:    宇宙の
  • the universe:    the universe世界せかい三千世界さんぜんせかい大宇宙だいうちゅう


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  1. the entire universe is still revolving around you ?
    いや この宇宙がお前中心に回ってると?
  2. as a scaleddown version of the entire universe .
    つまり 全宇宙の縮小版だと 考えてもいいでしょう
  3. what you saw was thought to be the entire universe .
  4. that the milky way galaxy was the entire universe .
  5. and then no one in the entire universe ...
    ヘヘヘ...。 そしたら ボス。


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