equal in terms of 意味

  • 《be ~》~の点で平等{びょうどう}である
  • on equal terms:    同等の条件で、対等で、対等に、対等の立場で、同じ条件で、同等に
  • on equal terms with:    ~と同等の条件で、~と対等で、~と対等に、~と対等の立場で、~と同じ条件で、~と同等に
  • associate on equal terms:    対等に付き合う


  1. rather , that all men are equal in terms of their rights
    むしろ 全ての人間は
  2. the character ' 尼 ' is sometimes not used for females in consideration of the doctrine which is supposed to be totally equal in terms of gender (now , it is not used in tokudo-shiki and okamisori in hongan-ji school ).
  3. the program called ' reminders for people ' was then decided , which stated the details of weapons , clothes , one ' s belongings and signals at the time of the raid as well as how to treat kira ' s head , and also described that ' the one who cut off kira ' s head and guards in the yard will be considered to be equal in terms of serving our deceased lord; therefore , you must not question your roles .'


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