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  • ~の同等品、~相当、~に相当{そうとう}する、~と同等{どうとう}の
    It is hard to find the equivalent of this. これと同等品を見つけるのは難しい
    The Japanese give tax-free interest on the equivalent of $15,000 in a savings account. 貯蓄勘定の利子免税点を15,000ドル相当としている
    They signed a contract valued at the equivalent of $70 million with Iraq. イラクと70百万ドル相当価格の契約に調印した
  • equivalent:    1equivalent n. 同等物, 等価物; 同意語.【動詞+】The average Bulgarian earns the equivalent of $1,800 a year.平均的ブルガリア人は年に 1,800 ドル相当額をかせぐThe expression has no satisfactory English equivalent.その表現に相当する的確な英語はないgradu
  • equivalent to:    《be ~》~と同等{どうとう}である、~と等しい、~に相当{そうとう}するThe foreign coin you have is equivalent to about 80 cents in the U.S. あなたが持っている外国の硬貨は、アメリカでは80セントぐらいの価値だ。One dollar is equivalent to 85 yen now. 今1ドルは85円に当たるThe
  • to be equivalent to:    to be equivalent to当たるあたる


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  1. which is itself the earthly equivalent of the milky way
  2. it's the mental equivalent of the full body massage .
  3. sort of the optical equivalent of galvani's .
  4. but it's the equivalent of infrared in the deep sea .
  5. prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer


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