erosion extent 意味

  • 浸食範囲{しんしょく はんい}
  • erosion:    erosion n. 〔地質〕 浸食.【動詞+】Inflation causes the erosion of currency value.インフレは通貨の価値の下落を引き起こすcontrol soil erosion土壌の浸食を食い止めるcurb the erosion of civil liberties市民的自由権がむしばまれるのを食い止めるGround cover helps pre
  • extent:    extent n. 範囲; 程度, 限度; 広がり.【動詞+】I cannot help admiring the extent of his knowledge.彼の知識の広さには感心せざるを得ないI will ascertain the extent of the damage.《文語》 損害の規模を確かめようassess the extent of bird deaths due to
  • extent of:    ~の及ぶ限り


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