estate by entirety 意味

  • 連帯不動産{れんたい ふどうさん}◆【同】tenancy by the entirety
  • entirety:    entirety n. 《文語》 完全, 全部, 全額.【前置詞+】The Ring of the Nibelung in its entirety?ニーベルングの指輪?全曲viewed in its entirety全般から見てDo try to read the novel in its entirety.その小説を初めから終わりまでぜひ読みなさいShe revealed the cont
  • in its entirety:    in its entirety丸事丸ごとまるごと丸の侭まるのまま
  • tenancy by the entirety:    連帯不動産


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