ethyl alcohol 意味

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  • ethyl alcohol
  • (ethyl) alcohol:    (ethyl) alcohol酒精しゅせい
  • anhydrous ethyl alcohol:    無水{むすい}エチルアルコール
  • ethyl:    {名} : エチル、エチルウレタン--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】e'θl、【分節】eth?yl


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  1. she lives on ethyl alcohol and castellas
    好物は エチルアルコールとカステラで
  2. spectrometer says traces of ethyl alcohol and methanol .
    分光計では エチルアルコールと メタノールが検出れてる
  3. his brain was placed in ethyl alcohol and kept in the medical department of tokyo university .
  4. it is assumed that it was because the difference of molecular size between water and ethyl alcohol made the difference of penetrating power .
  5. formerly potassium sorbate was used as additive in a packaging process , but nowadays ethyl alcohol is added at two or three percent .


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