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  • 実に、大変、非常に、超~、めちゃくちゃ、めっちゃ◆very の強調
    I haven't heard from you recently, you must be ever so busy.


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  1. ever so slightly , she's being influenced by tokyo .
    断片的に 東京に染まってる...。
  2. be it ever so humble . you find a place in brooklyn yet ?
  3. my , shinichi , your standards are ever so high .
    ほほ~う シンイチの基準は厳しいのう
  4. and if you ever so much as look at my ass again ...
    それから、もし又私のお尻を ジロジロ見たら
  5. shall i ever so slightly shift my weight to the left ?
    左足に ちょっぴり 体重をかけようか?


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