expand currency 意味

  • 通貨を膨張させる
  • expand:    expand v. 膨張する; 広げる; ふえんする.【副詞1】They have aggressively expanded their capital base.社の資本金を意欲的に拡大してきたThe heated cylinder expanded alarmingly.熱くなったシリンダーは危険なほど膨張したHe began to expand a little after a gla
  • expand on:    ~をさらに詳しく述べるThe teacher wanted Julie to expand on her one-word answers. 教師は、ジュリーに彼女の一言のみの答えをさらに詳しく説明してほしいと要求した。
  • to expand:    to expand膨らむふくらむ拡げる広げるひろげる押し広げるおしひろげる膨れる脹れるふくれる膨らますふくらます


  1. since stockpiled gold and silver also began to dry up , coins with low content of gold and silver were reminted in order to gain a profit margin and expand currency in circulation , beginning with the issue of genroku koban (gold coin ) and genroku chogin (silver coin ) in 1695 .


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