exposed to inconvenience 意味

  • 《be ~》迷惑な目に遭っている
  • inconvenience:    inconvenience n. 不便, 不自由, 迷惑.【動詞+】try to avoid inconvenience as much as possibleできるだけ不便のないように試みるbear inconveniences不自由を忍ぶcause inconvenience to sb人に迷惑をかける.create inconvenience for sb人に不便をかけるendure i
  • to inconvenience:    to inconvenience困らせるこまらせる
  • exposed:    exposed adj. (危険などに)さらされた; むきだしの, 露出した.【副詞】in an extremely exposed positionきわめて無防備な状態でBecause of his fame he was in an unfortunately exposed position, and it was impossible for him to hide from the


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