exposed to radioactivity 意味

  • 《be ~》放射能を浴びる
  • exposed to an extremely small dosage of radioactivity:    《be ~》非常{ひじょう}に微量{びりょう}の放射能{ほうしゃのう}に被爆{ひばく}する
  • radioactivity:    radioactivity n. 〔物理〕 放射能.【動詞+】detect radioactivity放射能を検出するemit radioactivity放射能を出すmeasure radioactivity放射能を測定するrecord twice as much radioactivity as normal正常値の倍の放射能を記録する.【+動詞】Considerable radioacti
  • exposed:    exposed adj. (危険などに)さらされた; むきだしの, 露出した.【副詞】in an extremely exposed positionきわめて無防備な状態でBecause of his fame he was in an unfortunately exposed position, and it was impossible for him to hide from the


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