exposed to sunlight 意味

  • 《be ~》日光{にっこう}にさらされる
  • sunlight:    sunlight n. 日光.【動詞+】The window doesn't admit much sunlight.その窓はあまり日光が入らないblock out the sunlight日光を遮断するA prism decomposes sunlight into its various colors.プリズムは日光をいろいろな色に分解するdiffuse the sunlight光を放散す
  • exposed:    exposed adj. (危険などに)さらされた; むきだしの, 露出した.【副詞】in an extremely exposed positionきわめて無防備な状態でBecause of his fame he was in an unfortunately exposed position, and it was impossible for him to hide from the
  • exposed to:    《be ~》~にさらされる、~に触れる、~に紹介{しょうかい}されるI was exposed to literature. 私は文学に親しむようになった。


  1. that's to prevent the stock from being directly exposed to sunlight when it gets bright out .
    日が当たる時間は それで 直射日光を防いでるんでしょう。
  2. frozen kanten is to be exposed to sunlight on the next morning in order to melt the ice portion into water and let the water dribble out .


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