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  1. Since october 1 , 2007 , only rapid bus service has been provided via sochi and only express bus service has been provided via nishiyama .
  2. Chuo-do daytime express kyoto-go is a daytime express bus service which connects tokyo and kyoto city , kyoto prefecture .
  3. Okesa-go is an unofficial name given to an express bus service that connects kita ward , osaka city in osaka prefecture (osaka city ) and chuo ward , niigata city in niigata prefecture (niigata city ), running through shimogyo ward , kyoto city in kyoto prefecture .
    おけさ号(おけさごう)は、大阪府大阪市北区 (大阪市)から京都府京都市下京区を経由して新潟県新潟市中央区 (新潟市)とを結ぶ高速バス路線の愛称である。
  4. Currently , the trains of kitakinki cover the section between osaka station and fukuchiyama station in approximately one hour and 40 minutes , and they cover the section between osaka station and kinosakionsen station in about two hours and 40 minutes; the train starts almost every hour , which is more frequent than the express bus service .
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