extremity of 意味

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  • 極度{きょくど}の~
  • at the extremity of:    端に
  • extremity:    extremity n. 《文語》 極端; 《文語》 窮地; 《文語》 窮余の策; 《文語》 四肢, 手足.【動詞+】keep one's extremities warm手足を暖かくしておくwarm one's extremities手足を暖める.【形容詞 名詞+】be in dire extremities悲惨な窮境にあるDon't approach me for money except
  • the extremity:    the extremity果てはて


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  1. attached at the extremity of this 200kilo robot
  2. if we go to the dictionary , it says , it's the lower extremity of a leg
  3. naryu-misaki cape is located at the northern end of oura peninsula , and at the northeastern extremity of kyoto prefecture .
  4. due to the extremity of the simian flu crisis ... all regular government functions have been suspended indefinitely .
    シミアン・インフルエンザで、 政府機能は、 無期限中断されました
  5. however , it is said that the extremity of its method of perspective had a large effect on later art known as ukiyoe (woodblock prints depicting everyday life of the common people ).


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