fall into obscurity 意味

  • (あまり)使われなくなる[注目{ちゅうもく}されなくなる?目立たなくなる]、人気{にんき}が落ちる、逼塞{ひっそく}する
  • fall into relative obscurity:    (あまり)使われなくなる[注目{ちゅうもく}されなくなる?目立たなくなる]、人気{にんき}が落ちる、逼塞{ひっそく}する
  • in obscurity:    世に知られない、無名{むめい}で、ひっそりと
  • obscurity:    obscurity n. 暗さ; あいまい, 不明瞭, 不明な点; 世に知られないこと; 身分の低いこと, 卑賤(ひせん).【動詞+】Careless use of language produces obscurity.不用意に言葉を用いたため(文意が)あいまいになっている.【形容詞 名詞+】Considerable obscurity attaches to its origins.それの


  1. moreover , there is a theory that chunagon fujiwara no nagate was politically isolated in the imperial court , where the nakamaro faction was empowered , and forced to fall into obscurity .
  2. although yoshinobu ' s action at this time was not known , he was thought to fall into obscurity around saku county in shinano province which was his base during the heyday of taira family .
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