familiarly 意味

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  • {副} : 親しく、なれなれしく


  1. the statue of amitabha made by a sculptor of buddhist statues named tori , is known familiarly as ukiashi no nyorai (the perfected one on tiptoes ).
  2. the location of the shrine appears in a children ' s song " yamato no genkuro san " which is known familiarly as ' genkuro san ' to the local residents .
  3. in 1890 , the koma-inu (guardian dog statues ) were replaced by ' koma-inoshishi ' (guardian wild boar statues ), and the shrine is also familiarly known as ' inoshishi-jinja ' (lit . wild boar shrine ) after the legend that wake no kiyomaro was saved by a 300-headed wild boar when , after being exiled to usa , he was attacked by an assassin sent by dokyo .
  4. in addition , monjoin was officially recognized as jikiso (daigaku-ryo ' s dormitory where lectures were delivered as well ), which is said to have made the sugawara clan so much more outstanding that able scholars such as tachibana no hiromi and shimada no tadaomi joined the sugawara clan ' s pupils to receive lectures at sugawara ' s private residence (a private school familiarly called ' kanke-roka ' [菅家廊下: the hallway of sugawara ' s house ]) .


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