famine of teachers 意味

  • ひどい教師不足
  • famine:    famine n. 凶作; 飢餓, 飢饉(ききん); 不足.【動詞+】avert (a) famine飢饉を防ぐThe policy brought about a desperate famine.その政策は惨たんたる飢饉をもたらしたThe bad irrigation system has caused a famine.まずい灌漑(かんがい)法が飢饉の原因だMany people fac
  • teachers:    teachers先生方せんせいがた
  • a feast or a famine:    a féast or a fámine 潤沢か欠乏かの両極端,一か八かの大勝負.


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