fancy japanese-style restaurant 意味

  • 高級日本料理店{こうきゅう にほん りょうりてん}、料亭{りょうてい}


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  1. it paints a scene where a connoisseur surrounded by several beautiful women is watching the mt . fuji covered with snow from a feast place in the second floor of a fancy japanese-style restaurant .
  2. he was born the third boy of kin terada , who worked as geisha (japanese professional female entertainer at drinking party ) in akasaka and later ran a fancy japanese-style restaurant named ' kanabayashi ' (金林 ).
  3. it is said that chikamatsu who received information on this case at a fancy japanese-style restaurant and took fast palanquin came up with the first line , ' hashirigaki , utai no hon wa konoe-ryu , yaroboshi wa murasakino ' on the way back to osaka .
  4. according to " shinsen-gumi shimatsuki ," a lot of his evil deeds were disclosed and he was pressed to commit seppuku or accept decapitation according to the law , and finally he was forced to commit seppuku at fancy japanese-style restaurant yama no o in gion shinchi where he enjoyed himself .
  5. she was adopted by a fancy japanese-style restaurant hananoya ' s lady owner hana uchida at her wish to succeed the place when she was seven and began all sorts of training in traditional arts that include shamisen (a three-stringed japanese banjo ), japanese dancing , flower arrangement and so forth .


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