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  • feminine beauty
  • feature of feminine beauty:    女性美{じょせいび}の一面{いちめん}
  • feminine:    1feminine n. 女性.【形容詞 名詞+】the eternal feminine《文語》 永遠に女性的なもの. 2feminine adj. 女らしい; めめしい.【副詞】She's charmingly feminine.女らしい魅力があるHer style is purely feminine.彼女の話ぶりはまったく女らしいHe's rather feminine.ちょっと女っぽ
  • beauty:    beauty n. 美; 美人; よさ; 《口語》 特にすぐれたもの.【動詞+】The use of makeup can accentuate the beauty of the eyes.化粧をすることで目の美しさを引き立てることができるFew appreciate its beauty.その美を理解する人はほとんどいないYou can bring out the beauty of th


  1. paintings in the motif of feminine beauty can be found in various cultures .
  2. it can be mentioned that eisen ' s talent was found in the fact that he described such feminine beauty in a voluptuous way .
  3. bijinga is a general term for paintings that are in the motif of so-called feminine beauty , or feminine looks and inner beauty .
  4. in addition , when ranmaru mori is mentioned , we usually imagine him as a clean , refreshing handsome man with feminine beauty .
  5. when thinking about the sense of the times based on a painting , it is necessary to consider the matter by making a distinction between the parts which show the painting style , and the parts which show the changes in the sense of feminine beauty of the times .


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