festival of the weaver 意味

  • 七夕祭り{たなばた まつり}
  • july 7 festival of the weaver:    July 7 Festival of the Weaver七夕しちせきたなばた
  • s. weaver:    {人名} : =
  • weaver:    weaver織工しょっこう機織りはたおり織り子おりこ機屋はたや


  1. in addition to handling these tangible cultural properties , the foundation of the shigure-tei library of the reizei family was established to preserve records of ancient cultural practices like the tanabata star festival (the festival of the weaver , which still takes place on the seventh day of the seventh month ) as well , and to preserve the reizei family ' s poetic conventions as a family famed for its waka poems .
  2. and their method , in which even commoners practiced self government , received recognition , and indeed it became all the more striking starting in the edo period (beginning in that period , large cities were divided into machiba (towns , under the jurisdiction of town magistrates ), niwaba (jisha-bugyo , under the jurisdiction of (government-appointed ) temples and shrine administrators ), and nochoba (unsurveyed areas or suburbs of unfixed jurisdiction ), and so commoners and townspeople cooperated to achieve self-government ); the people used festivals to enshrine gods , spirits , and elements of nature itself , including such festivals as tanabata (the festival of the weaver , celebrated july 7 ) and the feast for ebisu , both of which are still celebrated today , eventually becoming established as popular versions of shinto rituals quite separate in form from shrine shinto rituals , but in any case , shrines continue to contribute to local development , even as they did in the past .


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