figured silk 意味

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  • 綾絹
  • figured silk and thin silk:    figured silk and thin silk綾羅りょうら
  • silk figured fabric:    絹織物
  • figured:    {形-1} : (特定{とくてい}の)形に作られた--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 模様{もよう}のある --------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. in this trend , more sophisticated fabric such as figured silk was used for kariginu .
  2. the first form of fusuma shoji can be thought as a wooden panel pasted silk cloth with and drawn chinese paintings or yamato-e , and later because of pursuing lightweight doors it was changed to the new form with setting kumiko (strips of the wooden lattice positioned vertically and horizontally to make latticework used in gable pediments or sliding screens ) on kamachi and pasting figured silk on both sides for lightweight and decoration of shitsurai .


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