film on 意味

  • ~を題材{だいざい}にした映画{えいが}
  • film:    film n. (写真の)フィルム; 映画; 薄い膜; 目のかすみ.【動詞+】The film was banned.その映画は上映を禁止されたThis film was based on a novel.この映画はある小説をもとにして作られたcensor a film映画を検閲するdevelop a filmフィルムを現像するdirect a film映画を演出するdistribute a
  • in a film of:    ~の薄層内{はくそう ない}に[で]
  • to film:    to film写すうつす


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  1. the acetic acid bacteria form a thin film on the surface
    酢酸菌は 仕込み液の上面に 薄い膜を張り
  2. and what you see is that the film on the bottom
    ご覧のとおり 下のフィルムは
  3. i had seen the film on the occasion of my father's 50th birthday .
  4. do you have any film on the men or the car ?
  5. film on which advertisings are printed is pasted on the rear window .


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