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  • fine pattern
  • fine lace pattern:    fine lace patternタックレース編み[化学]〈95L0202:家庭用編機用語〉
  • display a pattern of fine lines called neumann lines:    ノイマン線と呼ばれる微細{びさい}な線からなるパターンを示す
  • be fine with:    be fíne with [by] O ((略式))〈人〉にとって都合がよい,申し分ないAny day is ~ with me.いつでも結構ですよThat's ~ with me. (提案などに対して)異存ありません,私はそれで結構です.


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  1. as it literally means , komon has fine pattern all over the whole kinomo .
  2. they made ordinarily objects like tools into a fine pattern and enjoyed the demand for this fashion .
  3. the chayatsuji is characterized by its fine pattern which illustrates waterside scenery , and it is fundamentally applied to summer kimono .
  4. in the kanto region , the type of kimono with the pattern called " komon " (kimono with fine pattern ) which is used in the kamishimo (samurai costume , old ceremonial costume ) may be used for similar purposes , but in the kansai region , edo-komon (fine patterns utilized in edo ) may sometimes be treated as " komon " rather than iromuji .
  5. various sophisticated designs were devised as follows; the formation of katomado (specially shaped windows with many s-shaped curves in a zen temple ) and its above shoji of tsukeshoin , the design of kugikakushi (object which conceals the head of nail ) of transom and the usage of karakami (printed paper , paper sliding door ) xylographed simple komon (small fine pattern ) motif .


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