fire bell 意味

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  • fire bell
  • fire-alarm bell:    火災警報{かさい けいほう}ベル◆【略】FABL
  • a. bell:    {人名} : =


  1. when a fire occurs , nowadays , people go up a fire watchtower to check the location of the fire scene , and the watchtower is also used to let other people know the occurrence of the fire by ringing a fire bell which is installed on the top of the watchtower .
  2. on the night of april 3rd , more than a thousand uprising people concentrated around the present-day makikata higashi interchange at the sound of a fire bell , and marched toward kashiwazaki prefectural office (present-day kashiwazaki city ) to file a direct petition , while peasants in the neighborhood joined the march .
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