fire safety 意味

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  • {名} : <→FIRE-SAFETY>
  • fire-safety:    {名} : 火災時{かさい じ}の安全確保{あんぜん かくほ}、耐火性、防火(性)
  • equipped with fire safety measures:    《be ~》火事{かじ}への安全対策{あんぜん たいさく}がなされている
  • fire safety requirement:    防火設備{ぼうか せつび}


  1. had violated minimum health and fire safety regulations .
  1. oh , and i reviewed fire safety procedures with the primordial men .
  1. open the fire safety panel . try shorting the wires till the override light comes on .
    無効ランプが点くまで ショートさせろ


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