fire warden 意味

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  • 火災監視人{かさい かんしにん}、消防監督官{しょうぼう かんとくかん}、防火責任者
  • warden:    warden n. 監理者.【形容詞 名詞+】an air-raid warden防空監視人a game warden猟区管理者a park warden公園管理人a port warden港務官a prison warden《米》 刑務所長a traffic warden《英》 交通監視員.【+前置詞】He was appointed warden of a wildlife refuge
  • air warden:    空襲警備員{くうしゅう けいびいん}
  • allotment warden:    配分地管理人{はいぶん ち かんりにん}


  1. nowadays , this rank is conferred on a senior superintendent among police officers as well as a fire warden among the officers with rank in the fire fighting head offices of local governments , and the rank is also conferred posthumously on a chairman of the local assembly , founder of special facilities or schools as well as people who made achievements in business .


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