fitting for 意味

  • ~用付属品{よう ふぞくひん}
  • fitting:    1fitting n. 仮縫い; 装具, 備品.【動詞+】When can you give me a fitting?仮縫いはいつになりますかI want to have a fitting for a suit.スーツの仮縫いをしてもらいたい.【形容詞 名詞+】a broad fitting《英》 (靴や靴下などの)幅の広い型a costume fitting衣装の着付けelectric
  • adjustable fitting:    可動式管継手{かどうしき くだつぎて}
  • ancillary fitting:    ancillary fitting取付部品[化学]


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  1. it seems fitting for a cop killer . not to dismiss kaja soroka .
  2. well , a nightmare is more fitting for that brat .
    へぇ それは すごいぞ。
  3. perhaps that's only fitting for someone so rude to strangers .
    見知らぬ者に対する 無礼な対応だ
  4. don't you want rules fitting for a game ?
  5. a peasant like me isn't really fitting for such a dress
    わしゃ 百姓じゃで こげな べべ 合わんのじゃ。


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