flow in 意味

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  • 流れ込む、流入する
  • flow:    1flow n. 流水; 流出量; 流れるように続き進むもの; 上げ潮.【動詞+】It accelerates the flow of fuel into the engine.それはエンジンへの流れを促進するblock the flow of water水の流れを阻止するchange the flow of conversation会話の流れを変えるA buildup of choleste
  • flow into:    流れ込む
  • flow on:    {名} :


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  1. this is because time doesn't flow in the digital world
    これは時間が デジタルの世界では
  2. that affects a person's chakra flow in the brain .
    そこには 脳内のチャクラに 影響を及ぼす
  3. the largest refugee flow in history up to that point .
  4. in the arm , you can measure blood flow in the arm
  5. 30 p .m . the students flow in and you put down what you're doing


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