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  1. Every river sooner or later flows into the sea .
    すべての河は 遅かれ早かれ海につながる
  2. She throws all the evils , sins , and vice into a river so that they will flow into the sea .
    -- もろもろの禍事?罪?穢れを川から海へ流す
  3. Sogo-gawa bridge , located between susa station and utago station , is well-known as a great spot for picture-taking because it ' s located at the mouth of the sogo-gawa river that flows into the sea of japan .
  4. Later , due to the sea level rise in the above mentioned , the waterway between tsushima island and the korean peninsula widened and became the korea strait; as a result , tsushima danryu (warm current ) came to flow into the sea of japan .
  5. Its topography is gentle on the south and steep on the north; and in terms of water systems , it is the central divide between the yura-gawa water system which flows into the sea of japan , and the kako-gawa water system which flows into seto inland sea .
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