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  • 流れ込む
  • flow:    1flow n. 流水; 流出量; 流れるように続き進むもの; 上げ潮.【動詞+】It accelerates the flow of fuel into the engine.それはエンジンへの流れを促進するblock the flow of water水の流れを阻止するchange the flow of conversation会話の流れを変えるA buildup of choleste
  • flow in:    流れ込む、流入する
  • flow on:    {名} :


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  1. and the bitumen will flow into these microcracks
    溶けたものが ひび割れに 流れ込み
  2. these downpours would flow into lake okeechobee
  3. all things that are sensed by the mountain flow into your body .
  4. do it and feel my power flow into you !
    私の力があなたに 流れるのを感じなさい
  5. i predict , also , that the investment that will flow into this


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