fluent tongue 意味

  • 滑らかな弁舌
  • have a fluent tongue:    能弁である、雄弁である
  • fluent:    fluent adj. 流暢な.【副詞】He is absolutely fluent in Italian.彼のイタリア語はまったく流暢だHe addressed me in wonderfully fluent Korean.見事になめらかな朝鮮語で私にあいさつした.【+前置詞】She is fluent in German.彼女のドイツ語は流暢だHe's fluent in severa
  • fluent in:    《be ~》~を流ちょうに操る、~に堪能{たんのう}である、~に精通{せいつう}する


  1. he has all qualifications of a gambler: first , arrogance; second , a lot of money; third , good at betting; fourth , acting brave; fifth , making a false show of power; sixth , having a fluent tongue; seventh , deceiving people; eighth , not minding killing someone when he loses .


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