fluid machinery 意味

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  • 流体機械{りゅうたいきかい}
  • machinery:    machinery n.(1) 機械(類).【動詞+】assemble machinery機械を組み立てるThere were farmers who could not buy machinery such as tractors and harvesters.トラクターや刈り入れ機などの機械類を買えない農場経営者たちもいたThe factory contains a lot of old-
  • (a) fluid:    (a) fluid流動物りゅうどうぶつ
  • fluid:    fluid n. 流(動)体, 液体.【動詞+】administer intravenous fluids静脈注射を施すdrain fluid液を排出させるDrink plenty of fluids.水分をたっぷり取ることDon't force fluids on a child if he doesn't want to drink.飲みたくなければ子供に水分を無理に飲ませてはいけませんP


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