flutter in 意味

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  • パタパタ飛んで来る
  • flutter:    1flutter n. 羽ばたき; 動揺; 評判; ひと山張ること.【動詞+】The news caused quite a flutter.その知らせはかなり動揺を与えたShe experienced quite a flutter when she heard that he was coming.彼が来ると聞いてひどく胸騒ぎがしたhave a flutter at bridge《口語》
  • in a flutter:    慌てて
  • to flutter:    to flutter翻るひるがえるときめく翻すひるがえす靡かせるなびかせる靡くなびく


  1. but then i looked at your results , and there is a slight flutter in your answer to that question .
    でも 結果を見たの わずかな動揺が その質問への答えにあった
  2. the hayashi family , one of the bakufu members opposing arai ' s plan , insisted , " king means emperor , therefore , shogun should not introduce himself as king , this is an useless reform . this only causes a flutter in the dovecotes ," and also hoshu amenomori , a confusion scholar in tsushima domain opposed it saying , " the joseon dynasty doesn ' t like sudden reformation . please reconsider ," but as a result , the changes were implemented .


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