flying high 意味

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  • 《be ~》すごく喜んでいる、とてもハッピーである、大変うれしい
  • high flying:    {形} :
  • high-flying:    {形-1} : 高く飛ぶ、高空飛行の--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 高い評価{ひょうか}を得ている、値打ちのある、高値の -----------------------------------------------------------------
  • during high-altitude flying:    高空飛行中{こうくう ひこう ちゅう}に


  1. stink or no stink , one bump , you' ll be flying high for days .
    においはともかく― 1回やれば ずっとぶっ飛んでいられる
  2. raptor pilots flying high !
  3. i will see the flags all of thirtysix nations flying high together at the wild geese gate
    いつの日か 三十六国の旗が同じように 平和に繁栄するのを見ることになろう 雁門で
  4. an entry made during january 199 shows that ordinary people got together out of respect for the virtue of buno of zhou (the father of the founder of the zhou dynasty of china ) and a miraculous marsh was created within a few days , and this reminds us about historical times when white birds were flying high and fish were jumping all over the marsh .


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