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  • follow up:    {句動-1} : 引き続き行うCan you follow up with the customer who had the complaint yesterday? 昨日、苦情を言ってきたお客様に、引き続き対処してくれますか。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{句動-
  • follow up on:    徹底的{てっていてき}に~を追究{ついきゅう}する、~を実行{じっこう}に移す
  • follow up with:    引き続いて~する、~で追い打ちをかける


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  1. haikairenga consist of ' a follow-up line ' and ' the first line .'
  2. it was considered by sadaichi takahashi to be the oldest line , but in recent years there has been little follow-up to his opinion .
  3. follow-up lines ' are classified into four seasons , while ' the first lines ' are classified into four seasons , love , and miscellaneous .
  4. after the death of basho , zappai (playful literature originating from haiku ) flourished temporarily , especially senryu (humorous poem ) in which poets competed with each other to make a technically accomplished follow-up line .
  5. the " tokaidochu " series ended in 1809 with the eighth volume (sightseeing in osaka ), but there was a follow-up publication in 1814 of a volume on the inception of the trip .


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