following 意味

発音記号: [ 'fɔləuiŋ ]発音を聞く   followingの例文
  • as following:    as following左の通りさのとおり
  • the following:    the following以下いか下記かき
  • acquire a following:    ファン[愛好家{あいこう か}?支持者{しじしゃ}]ができるThe comic slowly began to acquire a following among juveniles. その漫画は、子どもの間で徐々にファンが増え始めている。The US people are surprised to know that Sumo wrestlers acquire a following in


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  1. the following is an example of daytime platform usage:
  2. these will be explained in detail in the following sentences .
  3. the following materials are used in the murals .
  4. think whether you are following a machine ! yes !
    機械をフォローしているか考えろ! はい!
  5. une is often made in the following cases .


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