foolish move 意味

  • foolish move
  • foolish:    foolish adj. 愚かな, ばかな.【副詞】No one is foolish enough to endorse such a bill.そんな手形に裏書きするばかはいないHow foolish of him to do…!…するなんてなんてばかなやつだI felt really foolish after I said that.そう言ったあとで本当にばかだと思ったYou are
  • act foolish:    ばかみたいに振る舞う、ばかな[愚かな]こと[振る舞い?まね]をする
  • bright or foolish:    bright or foolish利鈍りどん


  1. a foolish move ... unless he knew something about you ... something in a sealed juvenile record that he could twist into the perfect leverage to get you to do what he was asking .
    下手な動きは... 彼があなたの事を知らない限り... 封印された少年の 記録か何か
  2. at first , the taira did not know that the key plotter of the turmoil was yorimasa , and made the foolish move of including kanetsuna in the kebiishi assembled to arrest prince mochihito .
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