foolish ruler 意味

  • foolish ruler
  • (a) ruler:    (a) ruler定木じょうぎ
  • ruler:    ruler n. 統治者, 支配者; 定規.【動詞+】This ruler is graduated in centimeters.この定規はセンチの目盛りがついているThey prefer to obey a ruler rather than to rule themselves.自ら統治するよりも統治者に服従するほうを希望するoverthrow a ruler支配者を倒すput a ru
  • the ruler:    the ruler統治者とうちしゃ


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  1. the reputation of ieharu as a foolish ruler is always accompanied by the poor reputation of okitsugu tanuma .
  2. although he has been treated as a foolish ruler , he was highly talented in the field of hobbies as mentioned above .
  3. ieharu tokugawa , who had promoted okitsugu tanuma , was deemed a foolish ruler due to his relationship with tanuma .
  4. even in these days when the poor reputation of tanuma has greatly been modified , the evaluation of ieharu is still influenced by the past theory of his having been a foolish ruler .
  5. the image of yoriie in " azuma kagami ," edited by the hojo clan who held the real power of kamakura bakufu , describes him as a foolish ruler who pursued pleasures and engaged in adultery with his retainer ' s favorite concubine .


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